Production Process
Step One: Make PVC Particles
Check the condition of PVC powders making sure they are fine powders→ prepare raw materials according to exact formulation → mix the materials thoroughly → extruder squeeze out materials → cool down the extrudate → cut extrudate into particles → stir the particles, cooling and preventing adhesion
Step Two: Produce Inner Hoses
  • According to the size of hoses, choose relative grinding head.
  • Hot melt PVC particles.
  • Extruder squeezes out inner hoses through the grinding head.
  • Blower blows air into inner hoses and makes rounder inner shape.
  • In water cooling system, check the condition of inner hoses, making sure the good quality.
  • Reel inner hoses for production of braided hoses.
Step Three: Produce Hoses
When producing three layers hoses, LPG gas hoses and five layers hoses, add braided layers and PVC layers to inner hoses and finish production in one production line.
When producing braided hoses, braiding machines add exquisite braided layer to inner hoses. Arrange hoses to extruder to add another PVC layer.
Step Four: Package
  • Length counter records the length of hoses.
  • Workers cut the ordered length of hoses and reel the hoses.
  • Clamp hose connectors by hose crimping machine and fix the hose reel with plastic film.
  • Pack hoses in kraft boxes or woven bags based on orders.
Working Temperature:
or Customized
Working Pressure:
The whole QC procedures includes the following five steps:
1. Check the condition of 100% new PVC powders. Avoid agglomeration phenomenon to fully mix raw materials.
2. Check the quality of inner hoses
3. Measure the inner diameter and outside diameter of hoses. Tolerance is ±0.5mm.
4. Cut sample hose and clamp the connectors. Test the bursting pressure. Make comparison between the result and the standard.
5. Check appearance of hoses when reeling them.

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