From raw materials, production and quality inspection, we provide the quality you can rely on.
We have strict quality assurance system, as we have passed the international quality standard ISO9001 and acquired the certification of light industry quality assured. Our scientific material for mulation and reliable product quality are popular with customers.
In June, 2018, our new automation factory was completed, which is equipped with 8 production lines and multiple advanced equipment and technology and has 7000 square meters floor area. 

The whole QC procedures include the following five steps
1. Check the condition of 100% new PVC powders. Avoid agglomeration phenomenon to fully mix raw materials.
2. Check the quality of inner hoses
3. Measure the inner diameter and outside diameter of hoses. Tolerance is ±0.5mm.
4. Cut sample hose and clamp the connectors. Test the bursting pressure. Make comparison between the result and the standard.
5. Check appearance of hoses when reeling them.

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