What Do You Need to Consider When You Choose an Agriculture Sprayer?

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Agricultural crop spraying is a process used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. The goal in using agricultural sprayers is to encourage growth and prevent loss of crops due to pests—including weeds—and to prevent plant diseases. Agricultural spraying is important for everyone, because the public gets the benefit of broader variety and higher affordability for food as well as clothing. Because of the many types of agricultural sprayer applications, a wide range of agricultural sprayer types and agricultural sprayer parts are available.

Because of the many types of agricultural spraying equipment to choose from, it can be a challenge to settle on the best sprayer and parts for your particular needs, not to mention the agriculture spray pump price that matches what you’re willing to invest. To simplify the process and help you make the best choice based on the task at hand, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

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 1. What type of agricultural crop are you spraying?

The types of crops you are treating will influence your choice. Corn and soybeans, for example, have different characteristics than sunflowers or soybeans.

Let's say you are spraying small fruit crops like strawberries. OR, low vegetables like pumpkins, broccoli, or potatoes. You will need a high volume, high-pressure sprayer. You'll need this much to penetrate beneath the overlying leaf canopy as well as the undersides of the leaves.

The above is just one example. Products made for crop protection differ because crops have different needs. Pests and potential diseases are all factors. So, a sprayer needs to be precise in order to target the right areas.

 2.How do the weather conditions in your area affect your crops?

You use sprayers to protect your crop and encourage it to grow. Though, you only want to treat your intended area. That means shielding nearby areas from your sprayers.

Because of this, moisture levels, temperature, and even wind speed are things to consider as you prepare to spray. You will need to make an educated guess as to how far your liquid mix will travel. You will also want to estimate drying time.

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The sprayer you choose must distribute your mixture in the necessary amount.

 3.The size of the area to be sprayed. The assortment of agricultural sprayers to choose from varies just as much as the possible crops to be sprayed. Depending on the size of your crop, for instance, you can choose anything from a hand sprayer with a one-liter capacity to a four-gallon backpack sprayer that can spray for ten hours. A very large job may require a three-point agricultural sprayer connected to a tractor or ATV.

  4.The current state of your equipment. Before you start a new agricultural spraying job, take the time to assess all your equipment and agricultural sprayer parts. Once youve determined what parts and equipment are best suited to your task, you still need to be sure that all those parts and equipment are in good repair. Test everything before starting, and replace or repair worn out parts. For example, have you examined your sprayer seal to make sure there is no leakage? Check your pressure as well.

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