Types of Agricultural Hose

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Hoses For Farming

When it comes to the world of farming and agriculture, hoses are important in order to help achieve basic tasks such as irrigation or providing water to animals. There are a number of different types of hose that can be used for these tasks, and different types of hose have different properties.

What Types of Hoses For Farming Are There?

When it comes to hoses for farming, then the two key tasks are irrigating land and getting drinking water to remote fields where animals are. Alongside this, then you may want to be prepared against flooding, especially in out buildings where animals stay in during winter or you keep food for your livestock. Here we look at the various functions and which hose is best for this:

Irrigation – this is a vital part of agriculture especially when it comes to arable farming. Making sure that crops are well irrigated results in a healthy yield – whether these crops are for selling on or for producing feed for a herd of animals. Depending on the farm that you have different hoses are more suited to the task. 

Water for Livestock – agricultural hose is important for making sure that your livestock is well catered for in terms of drinking water. Layflat hoses both have an effective part to play here. These hoses will transport water across longer distances that isn’t designed for human consumption.

Preparation Against Flooding – as some of the areas where farms are located are remote by nature, then it is often important to have a degree of self sufficiency in terms of planning for extreme weather. Therefore some of the most important types of hoses for farming are those that help to deal with emergency flooding which has affected many businesses throughout the country in recent years. An emergency flood kit is an ideal way to prepare for extreme weather, so as to protect your assets – whether that is livestock, crops or machinery.

Other types of agricultural hose – things can be difficult for the farming community and you may have more diverse ways of creating income than traditional farming methods. If for example you use your land for seasonal caravan use or other public events then you want to be sure that you have appropriate facilities to provide adequate drinking water for humans. Therefore you require hose which is the industry standard for providing drinking water.

These are just some of the types of agricultural hose that you may require. Other hoses such as PVC suction and delivery hoses due to having the properties of being weather resistant, durable, smooth bore, good abrasion, rot and chemical resistance, good crush and kink resistance.

If you require more information on what kind of hoses for farming we can offer and how they can make a difference to your day to day operations, then welcome to contact us.

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