Tips for Watering Your Lawn the Right Way

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Water is an essential part of a happy, healthy lawn. It’s important, though, to make sure you water it properly. If you run a sprinkler at night, for example, it sets up the perfect conditions for disease to take hold. If you water too lightly, the grass roots will not grow deeply enough, setting your lawn up for trouble when hot weather hits.So we share some tips for watering your lawn in the right way.  

  • Water in the Morning

If you do get moisture on the leaves, this gives them time to dry out. It's much more difficult for plant diseases to get a foothold when the foliage is dry.

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  • Water Only When Needed

 Automatic timers are especially useful; just make sure to watch the weather, and reduce frequency when rainfall is abundant. Too much water can be just as damaging to plants as too little.

  • Water Twice a Week

Water clay soils once a week and sandy soils about every three days. People think they need to water the lawn like they water their landscape plants. They want to water for 15 minutes every day,You don't want to over-water. Most people think more water is better. 

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  • Use Pulsating Sprinklers, Not Oscillating Ones

Built-in lawn sprinklers are the best systems for watering the grass. This is the most efficient system and will pay for itself in the long run.Over the years, if you're planning on staying in the house, it's worth the investment.

But for homeowners who don't have an in-ground irrigation system and don't want to invest in one, a pulsating, revolving sprinkler hooked up to a garden hose is the next best choice for an established lawn (for a new lawn, see the next tip). The sprinkler shoots out the water horizontally at a high velocity so it's not as vulnerable to wind and evaporation as oscillating types, which spray the water straight up.

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