Start Clean, Stay Clean

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Start Clean, Stay Clean


Using a two-pass herbicide program to fight tough weeds, helps fields start clean and stay clean throughout the growing season.

It is no secret that weeds  are problematic and need to be managed. Almost always a constant threat, weeds have  the potential to take over fields and greatly reduce yields when left unmanaged.

One of the best ways to  manage weeds and prevent development of herbicide-resistant weeds is to keep  fields clean and weed-free throughout the entire growing season. This is an  integral part of an integrated weed management program.

Herbicide-resistant weeds pose  an even greater threat. These weeds are tolerant to at least one site of action  and are not usually well controlled by a single herbicide application.  Repeatedly using the same site of action contributes to the development of  herbicide-resistant weeds. Therefore, it is important to implement an  integrated weed management program not only to control weeds, but also to  prevent the development and spread of herbicide-resistant weeds.

“Clean fields are weed-free  fields,” said Frank Rittemann, selective corn herbicides product manager at  Bayer. “Using a two-pass herbicide program with multiple sites of action is  essential for fields to start clean and stay clean.”

Start with clean fields

Start off the growing season  on the right foot with a pre-emergence herbicide application to ensure that  fields are clean from the beginning. Starting clean means getting ahead of  weeds before they can compete with crops. A pre-emergence residual herbicide prevents  additional weeds from geminating.

If weeds are not taken out  pre-emergence, they will have an advantage over crops. Thus, early season weeds  must be managed and controlled. Eliminating early season weeds reduces  competition for moisture, nutrients and sunlight. With less competition, corn uses  resources for the whole plant, including yield, instead of using all of its  energy to grow taller to overshadow weeds.

“Corvus® is a great pre-emergence residual herbicide with multiple sites of action that  delivers early season control for a broad range of grasses and broadleaf  weeds,” said Rittemann.  “And with its  unique chemistry, Corvus reactivates with as little as a half inch of rain, to  continue to fight tough weeds for up to eight weeks.”

Stay clean throughout the  growing season

Keeping fields weed-free is  the key to a successful season-long weed management program. Once the corn  plants begin to emerge, scout fields to recognize and identify potential problem  weeds. Then, as part of a two-pass herbicide program, follow up with a  postemergence herbicide for continued weed control.

After the second pass,  continue to scout  fields weekly for weeds. If weeds are still present after the  herbicide application, manually remove them before they go to seed. This is  especially important if the weeds are thought to be herbicide-resistant. Removing  weeds before they go to seed prevents them from adding to the weed seed bank  and causing greater problems for future growing seasons.

“DiFlexx®  DUO provides powerful postemergence control for a variety of  tough-to-control weeds,” said Rittemann. “With two effective sites of action,  it has the power to take out tough, glyphosate-resistant  weeds, such as Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, ragweed and marestail.”

Using a two-pass herbicide  program, along with weekly scouting, is key to fields starting clean and  staying clean. Together, Corvus and DiFlexx DUO work to take a zero tolerance  approach to weeds, proactively helping keep fields clean and weed-free  throughout the growing season.

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