How to Wrap a Garden Hose?

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Pricing a new garden hose can give you new respect for this garden stalwart. Hose are regularly dragged and stretched across rough ground, threatened with mower blades and left baking in the sun or freezing when temperatures dip. You can extend the life of this indispensible garden tool by winding it properly after every use.

When connecting hoses and attachments, make sure the washers inside the female end are fully seated. And if the washer looks worn out, replace it. You can find garden hose washers at a hardware store.

garden hose

Align and tighten the connections carefully to prevent cross-threading. If you need to connect and disconnect frequently, consider adding quick-connect fittings.If the hose has a guard to prevent kinks, do not use the guard to tighten connections; instead, grasp the hose itself to ensure a good seal.

When you are finished using the hose, do not leave it “charged.” In other words, turn off the hose at the spigot and release the pressure at the other end by removing attachments or opening valves. A relaxed hose is much easier to work with. What’s more, this will help extend the life of your hose and prevent ruptures.

 Once the hose is drained -- or mostly drained -- start at the end that attaches to the faucet and begin winding it into loops 24 to 36 inches in diameter. Leave the end at the beginning of the loop on the ground to help any lingering water drain and pull the other end of the hose up, dropping it down into a coil in the direction the hose naturally curves. This Old House recommends winding a hose around a round trashcan to create a neat stack of coiled hose. Lift the trashcan up when the coil is complete and secure the hose at two points on opposite sides of the coil with hook-and-loop tape. A small hose can be coiled inside a large garden pot; some are specially made for this purpose.

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