How to Fix a Leaky Water Hose?

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It's usually not too difficult to spot a leak in a garden hose. They always seem to spray you in the face, but don't get mad and throw away the hose. A simple, inexpensive repair may be all that's needed to put it back in working order.


Small Leaks

Use common electrical tape in a pinch or specially designed hose repair tape to mend a small leak. Clean and dry the hose before applying. Overlap the tape as you wrap it around the hose. If you wrap it too tightly, the hose will crease and the tape won't seal.


Leaking Spigot

A washer replacement is the simplest of all repairs and is often all that's needed. Washers dry or deteriorate with age. Simply remove the old one, and pop in a new washer. If it still leaks, replace the coupling.

 leaky water hose

Large Leaks

Fix leaky joints. Detach the hose from other hoses or devices, and thoroughly lube the threads of each with petroleum jelly.

Reattach and you will notice fewer leaks, or even none at all. Be careful trying to reattach the items as your hands will be slick.

Another option is to use a rubber washer. These are available at a hardware or garden supply store and can be slipped onto the "female" end of the hose. This should prevent leaking when it is joined to another hose or device.

If you are dealing with larger holes, or lengthwise cracks.All you have to do is cut the bad part out, insert the right size hose connector and tighten. I usually put a little vegetable oil around the insert to make it slide in easier. I also keep a plastic shoe box full of all size connectors, male and female ends for the end of the hoses, plumber's tape to snug up threads, rubber O rings, Y connectors with shut offs, if you want to run more than one hose. They also carry connectors so you can attach additional hoses to make them longer.

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